How many pictures will we receive?

Number of photos you will receive depends on the session package in which you decide to invest in. This number can range anywhere from 4-the entire gallery, always with the option to purchase extra or even the full session if you'd like.

No matter which session package you decide to move forward with, each image in your unique photo gallery will be individually hand edited by yours truly.

How should we dress for our photos?

Neutrals, solids, light/dark tones- we have options! Patterns and bright colors tend to clash with *most* backdrops/scenery, or draw attention away from the subject (you!). We like our outfits to be cohesive and coordinate, not too matchy. Texture and layers are always a great add on! I want my clients to feel confident, so always wear what makes you feel good.

Please refer to the color palette guide below for a general idea, I am always open to helping dress you & your family so just shoot me a message if you'd like some tips.

what are your sanitation practices in your studio?

my crazy cleaning lady habits have carried over into my studio x100. i am very appreciative of my space so i take care of it like so. all props used during sessions are sanitized immediately after my clients leave, light cleaning is daily and deep cleaning occurs on a weekly basis.

newborn: all newborn wraps/fabrics are hand washed by myself using gentle, free & clear detergent. as a mother myself, i understand that babies tend to have sensitive skin, so we like to prevent any possible rashes from happening.

when should i book my maternity session?

your maternity session may be best photographed between 28 and 35 weeks gestation- depending on circumstances.

it is best to reach out asap, or as soon as you feel comfortable scheduling, so that we can prepare appropriately and have a beautifully smooth time together.

when should i book my newborn session?

newborn sessions should take place 5-14 days after birth. we can still hold a session geared toward the baby after this time frame, but 5-14 days is best for optimal posing/cooperation. newborns sometime become fussier as the day goes on, so mornings work out best (about 10:00 am if that works for all parties). the newborn stage is such a precious and fleeting time of both yours and their lives- tiny details will soon be no longer.

it is best to reach out asap, or as soon as you feel comfortable scheduling, so that we can prepare appropriately and have a beautifully smooth session.

where will my newborn session take place?

i am happy to provide two options when it comes to my newborn sessions. option one: your session will take place in my small, peaceful, in-home studio located in wayne, mi. i provide water and snacks for your time being here. there is a seating area where you can sit back and relax, and i will take the wheel or you may stand by my side to help and watch the magic.

the room will feel quite warm for you, but this will help soothe baby. please keep this in mind for yourself when preparing for your session.

how long will it take to receive my finished photos?

you can expect to receive proofs 48 hours after your session, you can then pick out your most loved photos for me to edit. depending on the size of the gallery, turnaround time is typically 10-15 days for the finished gallery. for larger galleries, such as weddings, you may expect finished photos 4-6 weeks after the event.

i will be happy to answer any further questions!